#Ankara Is For Everyone

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Ankara recently became popular internationally as more and more people especially those of  the african diaspora shared their designs over the internet. As social erupted in the past few years it has made it easier for many of us to get our hands on the fabulous print know to some as “african print”. Designers and consumers alike are able to exchange goods without ever traveling to the continent of Africa.

Though I have seen the mention of ankara print styles decline since it first hit american soil; I believe adding a few ankara pieces to your wardrobe is so necessary. They make the best statement pieces.

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Trust Yourself Enough To Trust Others


As the seasons change and we transition from fall to winter and so forth; we experience life within the confinements of those seasons. The earth is bound by seasons and as we ourselves feed off the energies of this place we call home. We succumb to its seasons as well.  In this season I am learning to trust my instincts. To know that I know, that even when everything around me does not confirm what I know and believe, I must believe.

Life happens and the tolls, the experiences we have, take a significant toll on who we are as individuals and our belief systems.

Summer Elegance: Staying Chic Yet Cool


Hello Beautiful People!!!

Hope you are getting a great jump on what seems to be a super hot summer, literally.  I am not complaining about the amazing sunrises, or the beautiful colors but I can truly do without the sweating. I hope God answers this pray soon, cooler afternoons please.

Nevertheless, I  am super happy having relocated to a new state. It is a huge adjustment, however you will hear more about that on my Instagram and Facebook, so keep watch to see what I am up too.

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