Vison defines what you ought to do in life.

Stay true to who you are and what you are. Life presents us with choices daily, often times those choices are a chance to reaffirm who we are.  Do not allow your character to be swayed by the judgment of others. After all what is character if

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Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black


I love being colorful here and there but there is just something about an all black outfit that is effortlessly chic when done with your body in mind of course. Not to burst any bubbles but just wearing black does not guarantee that your unwanted parts will be hidden. In some cases, they are more noticeable.

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Trust Yourself Enough To Trust Others


As the seasons change and we transition from fall to winter and so forth; we experience life within the confinements of those seasons. The earth is bound by seasons and as we ourselves feed off the energies of this place we call home. We succumb to its seasons as well.  In this season I am learning to trust my instincts. To know that I know, that even when everything around me does not confirm what I know and believe, I must believe.

Life happens and the tolls, the experiences we have, take a significant toll on who we are as individuals and our belief systems.

How The Meaning Of Community Changed In A Generation Of Self-Proclaimed Communicators

Gone are the days of long flights and rotary phone calls, we are able to communicate with family and friends in living color. Thanks to platforms such as facetime, whatsapp and most recently instagram live and snapchat. Individuals in rural countrysides to those in manicure streets can easily connect without issues. However, though having all these tools we are vastly disconnected.

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Subtle Greens: Monochromatic Tones and Mixing Them Painlessly


Hello Beautiful People!!!

A new month is upon us and quickly we are pushing on a new year. I pray all your goals are being met and you are working relentlessly to create the life you want. Keep pushing.

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The Curse of being Female?


They say to be born a woman is to be cursed and I can’t help but wonder why. Are we still not over the apple incident ( okay, I am joking…). But seriously, is female a curse that even the young must be punished or perhaps we need to get over being female. Being able to say I can’t, because they will not let me. To boldly do, not because you are female, not because you are told that’s what good girls do. But to fully articulate who you are without wondering, am I too boisterous? Did I say too much?

  Does being female equate to being property?
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Summer Elegance PT2 : Dressing For A Night Out


Hello  Beautiful People!!!

I am back again with the second edition of Summer Eleganceas promised; showcasing how you can transition this same dress from my previous post here into a chic night out outfit. This dress is super chic and so transitional, and these two outfits are proof of how amazing this piece is.

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