Vison defines what you ought to do in life.

Stay true to who you are and what you are. Life presents us with choices daily, often times those choices are a chance to reaffirm who we are.  Do not allow your character to be swayed by the judgment of others. After all what is character if

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Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black


I love being colorful here and there but there is just something about an all black outfit that is effortlessly chic when done with your body in mind of course. Not to burst any bubbles but just wearing black does not guarantee that your unwanted parts will be hidden. In some cases, they are more noticeable.

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#Ankara Is For Everyone

IMG_0409 edit

Ankara recently became popular internationally as more and more people especially those of  the african diaspora shared their designs over the internet. As social erupted in the past few years it has made it easier for many of us to get our hands on the fabulous print know to some as “african print”. Designers and consumers alike are able to exchange goods without ever traveling to the continent of Africa.

Though I have seen the mention of ankara print styles decline since it first hit american soil; I believe adding a few ankara pieces to your wardrobe is so necessary. They make the best statement pieces.

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