What Is Purpose? And What Does That Mean?

“Are you living out your purpose? And what does that mean?”


I have heard this question asked, answered and re-asked again so many times; but with every encounter, it leaves me wondering more. What is this thing called purpose? What does it look like- feel like?

Is it waking up pumped to go to work? Is it the number of visa stamps in your passport or perhaps it is the readership you have. What is this thing call purpose? Does it just fall on your lap and from then on you inadvertently cannot contain yourself anymore in the day to day?

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Trust Yourself Enough To Trust Others


As the seasons change and we transition from fall to winter and so forth; we experience life within the confinements of those seasons. The earth is bound by seasons and as we ourselves feed off the energies of this place we call home. We succumb to its seasons as well.  In this season I am learning to trust my instincts. To know that I know, that even when everything around me does not confirm what I know and believe, I must believe.

Life happens and the tolls, the experiences we have, take a significant toll on who we are as individuals and our belief systems.

How The Meaning Of Community Changed In A Generation Of Self-Proclaimed Communicators

Gone are the days of long flights and rotary phone calls, we are able to communicate with family and friends in living color. Thanks to platforms such as facetime, whatsapp and most recently instagram live and snapchat. Individuals in rural countrysides to those in manicure streets can easily connect without issues. However, though having all these tools we are vastly disconnected.

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