TEXTNever really wanted to be seen, see I know too much.

I never wanted to be love because love meant pain.

I never wanted money because money cost too much.

But I wanted to be needed,

to be wanted, to be desired and they said that

I was all they ever needed.

I was right, I listened, I cared and

I was always on time.

I loved them, I loved her, I loved him, they wanted me.

They told me so you see. I was there.

I went… They came.

And we were free. We slept, we wept and laughed

and even played a little.

They said misery loves company–

Not true.

They needed me, I could have not just been there,

she needed me, he needed me and that’s

how its suppose to be.

You are to be needed, to be wanted. I’ve never been

needed before. He said I was what he needed to make it

She was my friend and how could I say no.

She was at a breaking point… He was hurting.

I needed her– Oh!

I mean she needed me.



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As always, Peace, Love and Great Coffee!!




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