An ode to the Creative Spirit: Be You!


“How much of ourselves and life have we really airbrushed?” I asked myself this question while reading an article on creative writing.

Yes, creative writing! Of all things to trigger this question, right?

It seems the more access we get to outlets of creative expression, the less “self” is in that expression. Many have found the only way to protect their mental sanity and heart is to filter what the public accesses.

While I believe, your wellness is vitally important and should be protected; I also think that those who truly have a passion for the art should take a stance for it. You can not expect passion and respect without first setting a standard.

I don’t believe anyone becomes a great writer overnight or a great anything for that matter.  However, the very few that respect the craft should take a stand. The general population does many of the things they do because they are trendy. As a result, when the next trend appears they drop the previous and move to the next.

It’s a part of life and we accept it as such.

Much of what we read, see or hear nowadays is a revised and summarized version of something else. Sadly not too long, after one thing is trending that it takes over our screens and empties our wallets.

We no longer, see personalities through anything.

I want to be able to read pieces that resonate with me and are easily identifiable with its author. No one can mistake the writings of Toni Morrison for Maya Angelou or vice versa. It’s evident that these individuals found inspiration from previous creatives, like James Baldwin and even Hemmingway. However, they remain just that -inspiration.

While I mention writing in this piece, all outlets of creative expression seem to be suffering from a lack of authenticity. Personality is requested often but rarely truly expected or received because well, it much easier to accept what already is.

How far have we gone, that we cannot recognize when passion speaks.

Bring back authenticity!

Writers, speakers, creators take a stand for the craft that so captivated your heart.

The craft that food was no measure as long as you were in flow.

It’s not a pointed finger against any particular industry or community but a cry from one human being to another, saying…

Let’s be human again. Let’s be OURselves!


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Are we losing who we are with more consumption?




2 thoughts on “An ode to the Creative Spirit: Be You!

  1. this is actually one thing that I learned a long time ago with making YouTube videos. At one point, every idea was a sponsored one and I was losing my inner creative. Not only can people read through this, but it stifles the ability to share and create freely! I’ve since stepped back to re-evaluate my thought and feelings about my true, creative mind and will start back when the time is right.

    Thank you for this post!
    xx, Chanda |


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