#Ankara Is For Everyone

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Ankara recently became popular internationally as more and more people especially those of  the african diaspora shared their designs over the internet. As social erupted in the past few years it has made it easier for many of us to get our hands on the fabulous print know to some as “african print”. Designers and consumers alike are able to exchange goods without ever traveling to the continent of Africa.

Though I have seen the mention of ankara print styles decline since it first hit american soil; I believe adding a few ankara pieces to your wardrobe is so necessary. They make the best statement pieces.

Ankara print garments are necessary statement piece and they add boldness to any outfit. Whether through a statement skirt or blouse, your options are endless; so are the prints.

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Here how to shop prints the right way:

  • Stick to prints that have a cohesive theme or colors within the same family (think Monochrome).
  • Choose pieces you already feel comfortable in. If you feel your most sexiest in a skirt, buy a ankara print skirt ( you feel most confident in statement piece that already speak to who you are).
  • Choose Quality . With anything that is on trend, there will be counterfeits, and this is no exception. Ankara print should have a good weight to it, not flimsy. I have come across some that are so light that I just knew after one wash it was going to fade. That is a no no. Second, a higher quality print typically has a sheen to it and simply by feel you are able to tell if its worth the price.

As with any garment, you will know what you are getting by the feel of the fabric. And for those of you that are not into fabrics as I am.

Go with your gut, it it feels cheap typically it is.

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Tailor-made for me, countless options here.

Shoes: Similar here

Bag: Handmade- Purchase here

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Thanks For Stopping By!!

Do you own any ankara print items? What has been your buying experience?

Leave a comment below.





Peace, Love and Great Coffee!!





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