An ode to the Creative Spirit: Be You!


“How much of ourselves and life have we really airbrushed?” I asked myself this question while reading an article on creative writing.

Yes, creative writing! Of all things to trigger this question, right?

It seems the more access we get to outlets of creative expression, the less “self” is in that expression. Many have found the only way to protect their mental sanity and heart is to filter what the public accesses.

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Historic Beauty


What I would give to go back in time and experience some of the transformational periods in history. Something about the past captivates me, the trends, the things that took place, etc.  At times I have to bring myself back to the present to not get lost in daydreaming. What we consider vintage nowadays was someone’s everyday life; I wonder what the generations after us will say about these times.

I like to think as we remember the past a part of it stays with us. Forever, revealing more and more to us. That was my experience on my most recent city hop.

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She wore Acceptance

It isn’t enough to say, “I don’t care what others think of my body or style” when the loudest voice is the one in your own head. iaml1m1tless-nappy-4341

What I believed about my appearance limited the freedom to completely accept my body shape and personal style.  Negative body image developed from toxic relationships, and over time I became self-conscious about my natural body shape. I wore the acceptance of others.

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She wore Distrust

I wore distrust feeling like I had no other option. You see, at a very young age I was molested on multiple occasions. My innocence was taken away before I even knew what it was.

distrust blogAt the age of 8, my 3 year old brother was poisoned and killed. He was not even given a chance to start school. Months later, my parents got divorced because my mom got pregnant for someone else and my dad got remarried 2-3 months after.

Not only did he get remarried, but he married secretly to a woman I never got introduced too and brought me to live with them after.


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Vison defines what you ought to do in life.

Stay true to who you are and what you are. Life presents us with choices daily, often times those choices are a chance to reaffirm who we are.  Do not allow your character to be swayed by the judgment of others. After all what is character if

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Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black


I love being colorful here and there but there is just something about an all black outfit that is effortlessly chic when done with your body in mind of course. Not to burst any bubbles but just wearing black does not guarantee that your unwanted parts will be hidden. In some cases, they are more noticeable.

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