Vison defines what you ought to do in life.

Stay true to who you are and what you are. Life presents us with choices daily, often times those choices are a chance to reaffirm who we are.  Do not allow your character to be swayed by the judgment of others. After all what is character if

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Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black


I love being colorful here and there but there is just something about an all black outfit that is effortlessly chic when done with your body in mind of course. Not to burst any bubbles but just wearing black does not guarantee that your unwanted parts will be hidden. In some cases, they are more noticeable.

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What Is Purpose? And What Does That Mean?

“Are you living out your purpose? And what does that mean?”


I have heard this question asked, answered and re-asked again so many times; but with every encounter, it leaves me wondering more. What is this thing called purpose? What does it look like- feel like?

Is it waking up pumped to go to work? Is it the number of visa stamps in your passport or perhaps it is the readership you have. What is this thing call purpose? Does it just fall on your lap and from then on you inadvertently cannot contain yourself anymore in the day to day?

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